I am an artist based in St Albans in England and now work predominantly in oil on canvas or linen. Having explored various media over the years, I work mainly with oils as they offer seemingly endless properties and possibilities.

In my artwork I aim to convey a sense of atmosphere, light and place in images ranging from the figurative to the semi-abstract. Recent work explores the relationship between mountainous forms, the sea and the land, for example.

My method of working is often instinctive and experimental. It is fascinating to see what emerges through the process of painting, exploring the image and the inter-actions that develop between colours, textures and light values. As well as often vigorous brushstrokes, it can include the use of palette knives to scrape back and re-apply paint, building up textures and glazes and seeing what emerges. The process is a combination of allowing paintings to evolve but also attempting to capture a particular atmosphere, sense of place, and image.

Please contact me with queries about any of the artwork - availability, prices and delivery arrangements etc. Or if you would like to explore commissions. Get in touch via the contact form or you can email or call:


M: 07711 963392